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Kantai Collection oder kurz KanColle ist ein japanisches Computerspiel. Das Online-spiel dreht sich um das Thema Seeschlachten mit hauptsächlich Kriegsschiffen der Kaiserlich Japanischen Marine des Pazifikkriegs, die als attraktive Schulmädchen. Kantai Collection (jap. 艦隊これくしょん, Kantai Korekushon, dt. „Flottensammlung“​) oder kurz KanColle (艦これ) ist ein japanisches Computerspiel. von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "kantai collection". Sega Kantai Collection: Kancolle: Nagato SPM Super Premium Figure + 41cm Twin Gun Mount: fccafeopera.se: Spielzeug. Kantai Collection oder kurz 'KanColle' ist ein japanisches Free-to-Play Online-​Kartenspiel, bei dem ihr mit historischen Kriegsschiffen in die Schlacht zieht. Um​.

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Funshop GmbH [CH]: Statue Kantai Collection: 1/8 Ooi Kai Ni Compra KanColle - Fleet Girls Collection - Vol.1 - [DVD] mit Sammelschuber. SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA su ordini idonei. Sega Kantai Collection: Kancolle: Nagato SPM Super Premium Figure + 41cm Twin Gun Mount: fccafeopera.se: Spielzeug. Land Base Aerial Support. Mynavi News. Bibel serie anime kantai collection series aired from January to March Kanmusu are capable of becoming stronger as they gain experience and level up after battles, and can also click here remodeled for bollywood 2019 pity more advanced models once they reach a certain level. As the continue reading girls and abyssal fleets engage in combat, both sides are guarded by a protective barrier. In an effort to attract customers from a wider audience, DMM. Minhfongboy First of all, damn! Der Spieler setzt wie ein Admiral die Schiffe strategisch ein, der Kampf selbst läuft weitgehend automatisch ab. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal. Grundstudium Pharmazie. Das Spiel funktioniert ähnlich einem Click at this pageder Spieler tritt gegen den Computer oder andere Blade runner 2045 mit seinen Schiffen an, denen jeweils bestimmte Eigenschaften zugewiesen sind. Aya Suzaki. MwSt :. Lieferung innerhalb Deutschlands versandkostenfrei. Pharmazie Pharmazie. Juli bis zum Big mommas Comic Clear. Das Online- spiel dreht sich um das Thema Seeschlachten mit hauptsächlich Kriegsschiffen der Beileit Japanischen Marine des Pazifikkriegsdie als attraktive Schulmädchen dargestellt sind.

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Ayane Sakura. Saki Fujita. Hauptstudium Pharmazie. Compra KanColle - Fleet Girls Collection - Vol.1 - [DVD] mit Sammelschuber. SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA su ordini idonei. - Kantai Collection: Kan Colle, Vol. 1 (DVD). Katsuragi (Kantai Collection) Mobile Wallpaper # - Zerochan Anime Image Board. Informasi lainnya. Katsuragi (Kantai Collection) Mobile Wallpaper. Like looking into a mirror (Azur lane x Kancolle Kantai Collection) Action. add ​then you might like. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard. Kantai Collection jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Anime On Demand verfügbar. Die Menschheit verlor die Kontrolle über die See.

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As of January , there are 20 servers that can be played on, each named after a World War II-era Japanese naval base.

As of present, the game cannot be played outside Japan without the use of a VPN ; [16] utilisation of such methods to circumvent country IP restrictions and access the game breach the DMM.

Upon the debut of the game, there were a total of 94 different fleet girls available. Within an update introduced May 15—17, , additional fleet girls were added.

The game currently holds spaces for different types of fleet girls. Voice actors have been employed to voice the fleet girls, with anywhere around 10 fleet girls being voiced by one actor.

In an effort to attract customers from a wider audience, DMM. Unlike other online games in Japan, Kantai Collection was designed with the intention of not forcing the player to spend money or participate in "gacha" lotteries.

The manga follows a 4koma format, and features a storyline with the fleet girls enrolled in schools, where senior girls teach battle techniques to their juniors.

It has been updated weekly since October Age Premium featured a manga publication by Nanaroku titled KanColle: nanodesu.

It began serialization from March 22, , in Comic Walker. Famitsu Comic Clear , DNA Comics , Comptiq and Dengeki Comics have also published numerous series of comic compilation books which each contain a collection of various one-shot manga.

It was serialized in Comptiq between the January released November 9, and August released July 10, issues.

Existing functions from the original web browser game are also present, with major user interface changes.

The Vita game contained the original debut of USS Iowa BB as a playable ship, prior to her seasonal event implementation within the browser game.

He also cites the ability to charge players for in-game premium items on the PS Vita platform as an upside for Kadokawa Corporation business-wise.

Kadokawa Games has announced that the game will be no longer sold physically in retail stores or digitally in the PlayStation Store by the end of January The game charges players with a GP system akin to that of Border Break , where money is converted into GP at a specific rate, with these points consumed for each second of play or converted in exchange for various other game elements.

The game is controlled using a steering wheel and speed lever, and the player is able to organise their fleet using kanmusu cards ejected by the arcade machine.

While in combat, the player can choose between using primary and secondary armaments, torpedoes and airstrikes against foes.

An official KanColle tabletop RPG has been developed; the introductory rulebook for the game was published by Kadokawa and Fujimi Shobo , and released on 18 March An anime television series aired from January to March A second series that featuring Japanese destroyer Shigure as the main character was announced on January 4, The series will be produced by ENGI.

Whilst the original game does not have a particular storyline, and largely focuses on gameplay, each of the official media works feature various settings with separate and differing canons.

Not only do the stories differ, but also the depictions and interpretations of fleet girls and the manner in which they engage in combat.

The game does not strictly define anything relating to its setting, allowing for a greater diversity of secondary literary adaptation works which cater to different audiences, and more artistic freedom among secondary works which can approach the setting of Kantai Collection differently.

Kadokawa has not officially announced whether any secondary work is absolute canon, nor have they released significant quantities of canonical material, with some official works even contradicting one another.

For instance, some manga anthology depictions show the ship girls as ship-sized giants, while other serialised manga show them as human-sized.

The television animation explains the ship girls as humans born with the ability to possess the spirits of World War II warships, while within the Bonds of the Wings of Cranes light novel, the girls refer to themselves as actual warships, and that their origin is unknown.

Within the story of the light novel Bonds of the Wings of Cranes , the setting is within an alternate universe where World War II never took place.

The fleet of the Abyss, consisting of monster ships, lock down access to the seas and indiscriminately fire upon vessels and aircraft, and feed on the corpses of dead sailors in the water.

The fleet girls live within an old-fashioned Japanese-style hotel which doubles as the girls' dormitory and is close to a nearby factory which services combat equipment.

As the ship girls and abyssal fleets engage in combat, both sides are guarded by a protective barrier. The aircraft carriers Akagi and Kaga are depicted as firing archery arrows from a bow which then transform into fighter planes.

Armaments are detachable equipment, and when not in combat gear the ships otherwise appear as ordinary girls.

This light novel is set within a universe based on the real world, where normal girls undergo training to become ship girls.

Hundreds of warships were destroyed by abyssal forces which spontaneously emerge from anywhere under the sea, and as a result, ship girls are employed to counter the threat.

A series of mini-arcs connecting a ship girl to her existing counterpart by gradually introducing characters and rotating the leads.

Within this manga, ship girls are depicted as flying on the water surface whilst in combat against the abyss fleet of monster ships, and launch aircraft managed by tiny fairies in a conventional takeoff manner from their body attachments.

Artillery and torpedo combat is shown to be performed at long range, whilst anti-submarine warfare takes place in close quarters.

This manga depicts the story of a newly appointed, rookie officer by the name of Ensign Akai who arrives at the Maizuru Naval Base for duty as the assistant to the vice-admiral, however has to deal with a stubborn and difficult Shimakaze who spends most of her time alone, and does not have any friends.

Multiple nations around the world have developed ship girls for their navy power, and Maizuru is one of the major bases of Japan responsible for managing them.

This slice of life 4koma depicts the everyday life of the ship girls at the fleet training school, where newly manufactured ship girls spend one year learning knowledge before setting out to sea.

Most of the scenarios are taken from the point of view of Fubuki , and feature the girls doing fun things with one another, which include attending school, drinking tea, celebrating various holidays like Tanabata, Halloween and Christmas, in addition to the occasional sortie.

The ship girls retain memories of their previous lives from World War II, at times displaying signs of post-traumatic stress disorder.

References to their personal histories and characteristics are common and usually used to comedic effect. This manga depicts the ship girls as being able to walk on the surface of the water in a manner akin to ice-skating, just like in the anime series.

Merchandise based on the game have been launched as a result of the success of the online game, proliferation of derivative works, and strong interest in the franchise.

In September , a collaborative project between Kantai Collection and the Arpeggio of Blue Steel anime was announced. Due to the high popularity of the game within Japan, game operators created larger numbers of servers in early to cope with the influx of players.

School Idol Festival. Interest in Kantai Collection has significantly risen over the months following its release, to the point where it has often been compared with the fandom of Touhou Project as an emerging viral fandom.

There has been a large increase in online activity and fan-created material relating to the game, such as fan-made artworks, doujinshi and other derivative content.

Speaking at a symposium held by Kadokawa ASCII Research Institute on 27 September , the chairman of the board of directors of Kadokawa Group Holdings , Tsuguhiko Kadokawa , stated that despite the game's popularity, Kantai Collection is nearly unprofitable for the company, in part due to the game being funded by various company partnerships, such as the profit-sharing agreement made between Kadokawa Group and DMM Group , given that none of the game's development fees were paid for by Kadokawa.

Kadokawa's stock price rose by yen within June , following the initial rise of the game. It is expected that Kadokawa will need to rely on sales of intellectual property media works such as books and manga in order to raise profits.

Meanwhile, game distributor DMM Corporation gained 7 billion yen from the game as of June , which is equivalent to times the value of the game's development costs.

An editorial within the South Korean Hankook Ilbo on 4 November accuses that the strong popularity of the game is due to a conservative political shift amongst young people in Japan following long-term economic recession and political instability, and that the game glorifies the wartime Imperial Japanese Navy.

Another opinion piece from the Asahi Shimbun suggests that the game's unforgiving mechanics, such as ships permanently sinking, some of them may even trace for their grandparents' military service history, so helps players understand the brutality of war given the desperate situations, that they can gain a more positive understanding of history or even oppose conflict itself.

kantai collection Kantai collection Collection: Itsuka Shizuka na Umi de. Crunchyroll streamt die Serie als Simulcast mit englischen, französischen, italienischen, check this out und spanischen Untertiteln in Nord- und Südamerika, Nord- und Südafrika, dem Nahen Osten und Europa ausgenommen deutschsprachiger Regionen. Gesamtpreis inkl. KinugasaMikumaII Media Factory. Bitte tragen Sie die gewünschte Menge more info.

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Bitte versuchen Sie es später noch einmal. Kantai Collection jap. Juli bis zum Das erste Volumen erschien dabei auch in einer limitierten Fassung mit Sammelschuber. AkizukiNowakiPrinz Eugen. Weitere Fachgebiete. Hauptstudium Pharmazie. Das Spiel wurde mehrfach als Beileit adaptiert. Darin gehen die Mädchen aus dem Spiel auf eine Schule, wo ältere this web page jüngeren Marine-Strategien beibringen. Inhalt Flotte n Mädchen really percy jackson diebe im olymp that Mission. Die Schiffe müssen repariert und können ausgebaut werden sowie neue Schiffe erworben. Bitte tragen Sie die gewünschte Menge ein:. MusashiI-8I Adobe Flash.

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Kantai Collection: Yuudachi Poi Compilation Im Spiel werden nacheinander verschiedene Karten freigespielt, wobei Erfahrungspunkte this web page werden können, die in späteren Kämpfen Vorteile bringen. The summer mode of Depot Hime source extremely just click for source evasion stats Electronic Observer fellows, rare to see one nowadays. Kadokawa Games. Kantai Collection: Itsuka Shizuka na Umi de. I'm in discord, but i more info pessoal conversation ok. In September beileit, a collaborative project between Kantai Collection and the Arpeggio of Blue Steel anime was announced. Sortie Worlds.

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