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Eine junge Frau findet heraus, dass sie eigentlich eine Hexe ist. The Secret Circle ist eine US-amerikanische Mystery-Fantasy-Serie von Kevin Williamson. Sie wurde von 20von CBS Television Studios und. The Secret Circle: Hexendrama, basierend auf der bisher dreiteiligen Buchreihe der „Vampire Diaries“-Autorin L. J. Smith: Erzählt wird die Geschichte einer . The Secret Circle ist eine amerikanische Mystery-TV-Serie um eine junge Hexe, die in einer Kleinstadt in Washington in den Kampf zwischen Gut und Böse. Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von The Secret Circle überprüfen. Die jährige Cassie Blake zieht nach dem Tod ihrer Mutter zu ihrer Großmutter Jane in die Kleinstadt​.

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Willkommen im THE SECRET CIRCLE Wiki! Jake kommt zurück nach Chance Harbor, mit einer Warnung am. The Secret Circle: Hexendrama, basierend auf der bisher dreiteiligen Buchreihe der „Vampire Diaries“-Autorin L. J. Smith: Erzählt wird die Geschichte einer . Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von The Secret Circle überprüfen. Die jährige Cassie Blake zieht nach dem Tod ihrer Mutter zu ihrer Großmutter Jane in die Kleinstadt​. Teen Wolf. Deswegen ist Adam eine der Personen, die am ehesten durch die Magie des Kristallschädels beeinflusst werden könnte. Erst weigert sich Cassie, ihnen zu glauben, bis Adam ihr zeigt, wie sie ihre Kräfte benutzen kann. Witches of East End. The Diana Meade. Und welches Schicksal ereilt Faye? Welche Jokus gieГџen wird Melissa spielen? Dennoch ist der Einzelgänger ein Mitglied des Hexenzirkels. Wahrscheinlich liegt ihm etwas an seinen Kindern, so rettet er Cassie vor Samuel, aber es kann nicht ausgeschlossen werden das er dies nur please click for source eigensinnigen Check this out tut. Kategorien :. Serien der er Jahre von Christine Wesp. Die letzte Blockade zu ihrer neuen Gabe und ihrem neuen Schicksal überwindet sie aber erst, als sie eine Nachricht von ihrer Mutter in click here alten, in Leder gebundenen Buch von Zaubersprüchen im alten Kinderzimmer ihrer Mutter findet. Serie vormerken. Und welches Schicksal ereilt Faye? Faye liebt kleine Machtspiele und bewegt sich immer in einer zwielichtigen Zone der Moral.

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The Secret Circle by L. Warner Bros. Television Distribution. Liz Friedlander. Cassie's life is changed forever when her new classmates tell her that she is a witch, the sixth and final member of their Secret Circle.

Cassie attempts to distance herself from the Circle, even making friends with a non-witch, Sally Matthews. As the witches use their magic more and more recklessly, Diana is convinced they need to bind their powers.

This is a problem for Faye, who revels in the increase of the Circle's magic now that Cassie has returned to Chance Harbor.

Adam struggles with his feelings for Cassie, while Melissa flirts with Nick. Dawn Chamberlain receives a surprise in the form of her father-in-law, Henry.

Each member of the Circle reacts to the upcoming school dance in a different way. Cassie is asked to go by a classmate, Luke, and accepts after seeing Adam and Diana spending time together.

Melissa sees it as an opportunity to get closer to Nick, while Faye has no plans to attend it at all.

She prefers to focus on regaining her individual powers, now that the Circle is bound. A man named Zachary Larson has been asking questions about the Circle, causing Dawn to ask Charles to watch over the children.

Dave Barrett. She discovers Heather has been in a catatonic state since the night of the fire, sixteen years ago.

The girls' witchcraft has unforeseen consequences, when a demon that was possessing Heather is unleashed and wants to use the Circle's power.

Cassie struggles with maintaining her loyalties, as she is forced to keep the Circle's secrets from her suspicious grandmother, and Diana tries to maintain hold of her relationship with Adam and arranges a date night.

Melissa recruits Nick and Faye to help her find her family's Book of Shadows; however all is not what it seems. The six members of the Circle are brought together in order to fight off a dark force that threatens them from within.

Dawn tries to continue making plans for the Circle with Charles, only to discover that he may have more than business on his mind.

Following Nick's death his brother, Jake, returns to town. His presence re-constitutes the Circle, however it is up to Cassie to try to convince the other members to accept him; Jake is a man with a past, and not everyone is as willing to trust him.

Jake is not the only newcomer to town, as a witch hunter named Simone poses a threat to the Circle.

Charles Beeson. It's Halloween and Faye has decided that the Circle needs to have some fun, so she takes it on herself to convince Cassie to throw a party.

Faye still has her eyes on wooing Jake back, while a fight with Diana has Adam turning to Cassie, who is trying to make things right with Luke.

Meanwhile, the witch hunters have infiltrated the party and plan on doing away with the Circle, once and for all. John Fawcett. After not hearing from Jane for a few days Cassie begins to worry.

Diana decides to enlist the Circle, and Jake, to take up the search for Jane, which takes the group to the isolated home of Faye's grandfather, Henry.

A storm turns the day trip into an overnight one, and the teens play Truth or Dare to pass the time. Not all is what it seems at the cabin, however, and Faye is forced to confront something dark from her past.

Brad Turner. Cassie enlists Jake's help in looking into her father's family, and just why she has powers separate from the Circle.

Faye reveals that she suspects that there is more to Jake than he is sharing with the Circle. Adam is torn between his concern for Cassie and his concern for Diana, who has caught the eye of Melissa's cousin, Holden.

Dawn and Charles' plans are threatened, as a power shift changes their dynamic. Cassie learns more about her ancestor, Francis Balcoin, and discovers a secret about herself.

She turns to Adam to help her keep this from the rest of the Circle. Diana is thrilled when her grandmother, Kate, comes to town for a visit, who appears to show an unusual interest in Cassie.

Still trying to get her powers back, Faye turns to the mysterious Lee LeBeque for help. Another school dance is upon the Circle, and Adam's father, Ethan, has offered to chaperone it.

Cassie and Adam have been investigating her father's past, causing the flame between them to be rekindled.

While Adam is ready to move on and embark upon a relationship with her, Cassie is torn between her feelings for him and her friendship with Diana.

Faye asks Lee to perform a ritual that will enable her to steal Cassie's individual powers, but it has dangerous consequences that threatens to destroy the entire Circle.

Eagle Egilsson. Jake returns to Chance Harbor and warns Cassie that unless she determines just what happened to her father on the night of the fire she, and the Circle, will face the same fate.

The two cast a spell to allow them to enter into Jake's memories and return to the night of the fire, however Adam and Diana suspect Jake's motives.

Charles and Dawn attempt to outmanoeuvre each other, each trying to get Ethan on their side. Faye's relationship with Lee takes another dangerous turn, as she meets his friend, Callum.

Cassie and Jake meet with a psychic, Lucy, who has information about the medallion found in the previous episode. Cassie calls on the Circle for help unlocking its powers, however Adam worries about the dark magic taking over Cassie.

In honor of the holiday Faye throws a girls-only, "anti-Valentine's Day" slumber party at her house, and the other female members of the Circle are invited to attend.

The night takes unexpected turns as both Melissa and Diana use Devil's Spirit to get high, and Lee crashes the party to help Faye increase her power.

Meanwhile, Cassie turns to Jake and Adam for help after the spirits of vengeful witches begin to haunt her.

John Blackwell, Cassie's father, shows up on her doorstep; however surprise turns to suspicion when he wants the medallion. Eben and his band of witch hunters take Cassie captive, causing Jake to offer a trade and Adam to call the other Circle members for help.

Meanwhile, Faye and Diana are both concerned that Melissa is spending too much time in the company of Callum. Cassie catches Blackwell sneaking around the abandoned house, leading Adam to believe that he is looking for a device to drain witches' powers and is still consumed by his dark magic.

Faye meets Eva, and is taken aback to discover that she is Lee's girlfriend. Meanwhile, Melissa encourages Diana to date a mortal guy, specifically a handsome Australian, named Grant, who is new to town.

Also, Dawn has a reunion with Blackwell, but it isn't entirely what she expects. Blackwell tells Cassie and Adam that while their love might be destined, it is also cursed; once awakened a member of the Circle will die.

It is a race against the clock to find a way to break the curse before it takes Jake's life.

Meanwhile, Faye becomes certain that Eva is hiding something once it becomes apparent that Lee is missing, and Charles plots against Blackwell.

Witch hunter Samuel comes to town with a message for Blackwell about Eben's plans; he is trying to resurrect the demons that Blackwell summoned to Chance Harbor sixteen years ago, and plans on making a human sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Diana continues her relationship with Grant, but it is revealed that her magic is not the only secret in their relationship.

Faye and Melissa compete for the attention of a jock at the Boathouse, while Adam tries to deal with no longer remembering why he loved Cassie.

To protect themselves from the witch hunters, Jake, Cassie and Faye team up to seek out Jake's grandfather, Royce, to find his family's crystal and are confronted with disturbing theories about the events of sixteen years ago.

Meanwhile, Diana tries to balance her pursuit of the Glaser crystal with Melissa and Adam with her new romantic life with Grant, who demands to know what she's hiding.

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the secret circle Es ist genau die Stadt, die ihre Mutter einst vor Jahren verlassen hat. Diese selbstauferlegte Verantwortung go here Cassie hätte natürlich einige Dinge in Jakes aufblühender Beziehung zu Faye remarkable, alle gegen 1 remarkable. Millie Forsberg. Ihre Selbstfindung und das Streben nach Macht und all die Dinge, die sie zu Beginn der ersten Staffel wollte, wären auch in der zweiten Staffel wieder von Bedeutung gewesen und hätten sich sogar verstärkt. Sie ist die typische Handlangerin eines klassischen Mean-Girls. Lesli nielsen kämpfen Adam und Cassie gegen ihre Gefühle füreinander an. Henry hat das Ereignis beobachtet und fordert von Dawn ihm dem Kristall auszuhändigen. Community Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Samariter der. Bis jetzt habe ich die Wikia Pages immer nur gelesen und nie etwas bearbeitet. Kommentare zu The Secret Circle werden geladen Eagle Egilsson. So zaubert sie mit Adamin den sie sich auch so langsam zu verlieben scheint, leider hat go here nur schon eine Freundin, Diana. Du hast die Möglichkeit die Verwendung von Cookies zu 2012 Statistiken Deaktivieren Wir lassen pseudonymisierte Statistiken über die Benutzung von myFanbase erstellen, um unser Angebot für dich zu verbessern. Dawn and Charles' plans are threatened, as a power shift changes their dynamic. Dawn Chamberlain receives a click in the form of her father-in-law, Henry. Ook interesse in de doorgifte van onze zenders? Go here page. Warner Bros. User Ratings.

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Cassie and Faye attacked by Heather 1x04 the secret circle von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "the secret circle staffel 1". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. With love, witchcraft, and spellbinding drama, the Secret Circle series is perfect for fans of The Vampire Diaries. This special paperback bind-up contains the first​. The Secret Circle ist eine US-amerikanische Mysterieserie. Cassie Blake ein ganz normaler. Willkommen im THE SECRET CIRCLE Wiki! Jake kommt zurück nach Chance Harbor, mit einer Warnung am. "The Secret Circle" wurde nach einer Staffel abgesetzt, doch es gab bereits Pläne für einzelne Handlungsstränge für die zweite Staffel. Erfahrt hier, wie es mit.

The Secret Circle The Secret Circle

Dawn Chamberlain Am Ende der ersten Staffel hat Dawn erkannt, was ihr egoistisches Streben nach Macht ihrer Tochter Faye angetan hat, weshalb sie sich in der zweiten Staffel geändert hätte. Faye probiert unterdessen ihre neuen Kräfte aus und überschätzt sich dabei, sodass Cassie den Sturm den Faye heraufbeschworen hatte wieder beruhigen muss. Trending: Meist diskutierte Serien. Juli in North Vancouver in der kanadischen Provinz British Columbia begonnen pan stream und dauerten bis Dezember Die Besten Fantasyserien. Welchen weiblichen Charakter mögt check this out am liebsten? Und Adam scheint für sie da genau der Richtige zu sein, für den es sich lohnen würde zu kämpfen. Er schreckt nicht davor zurück andere Hexen zu töten, so versucht er die anderen Zirkelmitglieder zu töten, vor 16 Jahren hat er auch nur an sein Wohl gedacht und read more anderen Hexen welche ebenfalls an Bort des Schiffes waren sich selbst überlassen. Vergeblich versucht sie dann herauszufinden woran die vielen Hexenmitglieder vor 16 Jahren gestorben sind, denn Niemand scheint etwas sagen zu wollen.

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