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Die FBI-Agentin Emily Byrne verschwindet bei der Jagd auf einen Serienkiller spurlos und wird für tot erklärt. Nach sechs Jahren wird sie in einer Hütte wieder gefunden. Allerdings fehlt ihr jegliche Erinnerung an das, was geschah. Absentia ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die am September auf einigen europäischen Ablegern des Pay-TV-Senders AXN ihre Premiere. Nachdem die FBI-Agentin Emily Byrne (Stana Katic) während der Jagd nach einem der berüchtigtsten Serienkiller in der Geschichte Bostons spurlos. Im Zentrum von „Absentia“ steht FBI-Agentin Emily Byrne (Stana Katic), die während der Jagd nach einem der berüchtigtsten Serienkiller in der Geschichte. Absentia ist eine Serie von Matt Cirulnick mit Stana Katic (Emily Byrne), Patrick Heusinger (Nick Durand). Finde hier alle Informationen zur 3 Staffeln und

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Im Vorfeld ist auch die komplette erste Staffel nochmal zu sehen: Am 4. und Juni mit jeweils 5 Episoden ab Uhr. Über die Serie. Staffel 1 der Thrillerserie. Bei Sky Ticket ist jetzt die zweite Staffel der Serie "Absentia" zu sehen. Alle wichtigen Infos rund um Start, Besetzung, Folgen, Handlung und. Im Zentrum von „Absentia“ steht FBI-Agentin Emily Byrne (Stana Katic), die während der Jagd nach einem der berüchtigtsten Serienkiller in der Geschichte. Film Festival [25]. Faye age 6 1 episode, J. Nick and Gunnarsen talk to his parents and discover click here about Tyler's childhood and his disturbed psych. Sergei Derkach 2 matchless hallie kate eisenberg can, Hidden categories: All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from June Articles with permanently dead external links Template film date with 1 release date. Lee the Ticket Seller 1 episode, Monika Hristova As Adam serie absentia and searches his house click here, Emily escapes, but it is shown Adam knows.

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Emery Swearingen. The police discovers a number of unexplained large cash deposits in Jack's account.

Gibbs questions the hospital Jack worked for and discovers he was embezzling from the hospital. Emily follows the escort back to the club she works at and secretly questions her.

The escort tells him Jack and her used to see each other but stopped when Emily was kidnapped. The club owner discovers her and she is chased out by them.

In the process she gets shot. The FBI is convinced that Emily is the one behind the murders and that she framed Harlow after they undig 6 more bodies.

Emily drives to her mother's grave, gravely injured and calls Jack on the cellphone she hid at his house.

She asks him to meet her. Emily wakes up in a room, her wound taken care of by Jack. He denies any association with the murders.

Emily believes him and they try to trace the pacemaker's owner. Flynn fights with his friend who called Emily a murderer and wants Emily to come back.

Nick tells him he still believes Emily to be innocent. Nick calls Jack, but Jack lies and cuts the call. Jack discovers that the pacemaker was Dr Shen's, who worked at Barrette house, Emily's orphanage.

Emily goes to chinatown to talk to Shen's brother, Erik. He tells Emily Shen was dismissed from MIT for his controversial work after which he joined the orphanage.

His research is still in storage, where Emily goes to recover it. Jack is attending AA, narrating how he operated on Emily overcoming his addiction at that point.

The police arrives and arrests him. Emily listens to some tapes belonging to Dr Shen in storage.

It is revealed that Dr Shen conducted some cold hearted, gruesome experiments on the children in the orphanage, in which the children were left screaming.

Gibbs interrogates Jack but he doesn't talk. Someone creeps up behind Emily and kidnaps her. It is revealed to be two men who are after the bounty associated with handing over Emily to the FBI.

She escapes from their van as it halts at a red light and drives off after stealing a car. Emily listens to the tape again and hears the name - Charles.

She then remembers him from the orphanage where she beat him up for no reason. Nick goes to meet Alice and Flynn, who are staying with Alice's sister.

He discovers that the house was broken into and they have been abducted. On Alice's phone he watches a video of Emily saying she will be with him soon and she loves him.

Nick has finally snapped and believes Emily is the culprit. He appeals to her in front of the media to return Flynn and Alice.

Emily who has taken shelter with the other homeless is shaken up after discovering Flynn is abducted.

She sets out to find out more about Charles. Meanwhile Alice and Flynn are trapped in a room. Jack is released. It is revealed his bail was posted by Laurie, the journalist Emily stabbed when she was sick.

She offers assistance to him and believes Emily is innocent. The FBI are able to identify Dr.

Shen's skeleton and trace his brother to investigate further. Warren and Jack reconcile and Warren helps to track down Charles.

Charles is admitted in a mental hospital and Emily decides to go meet him. The masked man gives Alice and Flynn water and moldy bread and later takes Flynn away to the torture room.

He shuts Flynn in the glass tank and fills it with water, same as Emily. Nick and Gibbs gather information about Shen and his secret experiments.

Emily arrives at the institute and is able to trick her way in. An inmate helps her to get to Charles by creating a diversion but warns her to be careful.

Charles recognises Emily and they wrestle. Charles accused her of being bad and that she used to make people fight.

Emily is unable to make him talk about the other person in the tape, subject A. Nick and Gibbs reach the institute and witness the diversion.

Emily escapes but Nick chases her, finally catching up to her. They have a stand off, pointing guns at each other and Emily shoots Nick.

Gibbs continues to chase Emily down but is unable to catch her as she escapes on a train. Alice regains consciousnesses, but finds Flynn missing.

She is able to escape from the room. In the train Emily reads the book she stole from Charles. She finds repeated drawings of a pitchfork inside.

Emily jumps from the train after she senses that the FBI is chasing her. Nick is not injured from the bullet as he was wearing protection.

Gibbs points this out to Nick about Emily knowing he would be protected. Emily breaks in Erik Shen's restaurant and sees that the fish tank in the restaurant has the same mark as that in Charles book and also the one in which Shen conducted his experiment.

She notes the name of the manufacturer of the tank. Emily breaks in a hotel to use the computer for researching about the manufacturer but as people notice her, she flees.

Just as the police arrive at the hotel she hides in a delivery van, which drives away. She asks Jack to find out who ordered the tank in which she was tortured.

Alice is able to find Flynn trapped inside and breaks open the tank and saves Flynn. They try to escape but Alice is shot by a dart by the masked man.

Nick is told by Crown that Harlow was not in the country when some murders happened and that implies he definitely has a partner.

Nick and Gibbs meet Charles. He tells them about his friend who hurt Dr. Shen and that there was candy in the air where the children got hurt.

This leads them to the place where a molasses storage tank exploded years ago. Jack tells Emily that the tank was ordered 7 years ago and that she was the one who ordered the tank.

Emily sets out to the address where the tank was ordered. Crown meets an ex-girlfriend of Harlow's, who he had abused. She tells Crown Harlow had an accomplice and that it was a woman.

Emily arrives at the building and discovers Nick and Gibbs there too. Emily finds a picture as a clue and escapes before Nick and Gibbs realise she is there.

Nick discovers that the shop on the opposite side sells the same masks as that used by the masked man Emily described.

He now feels Emily is Harlow's mentor and not the accomplice as Harlow was not around when the children were tortured. With the help of the picture, Emily reaches a cabin and decides to go in.

She calls up Nick and asks him to come there too but alone. Emily enters the cabin through a trap door. Inside the cabin Emily has a panic attack and is attacked by the masked man.

She wakes up in a room with an unconscious Alice, a tv and a camera. The Masked man talks to her through the tv. A flashback of the orphanage days shows a young Emily, eager to be adopted.

She presents herself as a nice, well behaved kid so that people like her but is not so. Her psychological assessment makes her a liability and she doesn't get adopted.

Emily hates this and replaces her psychological assessment with that of the masked man's who was with her in the orphanage, so that she can be adopted.

This was the reason why Shen chose the masked man as his subject. Shen wanted children with an aggressive streak in them. Thus the masked man had to suffer from Shen's torture.

Emily was lucky to escape his torture since she was adopted just before Shen took over. Present day Emily is shocked and sorry.

The purpose of Shen's research is that he believed that childhood trauma like the one he inflicted, could train the children to be controllable unrelenting ruthless killers who could be used as weapons, as the masked man has become.

The mask is taken off and the killer is revealed to be Laurie, whose real name is Logan. She and Harlow worked together and killed Shen.

Laurie asks Emily to kill Alice in order to save Flynn. She reluctantly agrees but Nick arrives in time and holds Emily guilty.

Alice wakes up and she along with Nick and Emily find Flynn and try to escape from the cabin but get shot at by Laurie.

However, Laurie misses the shot and they escape. Nick realises Emily is innocent and they hunt Laurie down. Nick gets shot by Laurie and Emily chases her.

She catches Laurie and suffocates her by drowning, but Laurie stabs Emily just before dying. The FBI reach the location and Emily is arrested.

Later the news shows Crown stating that Laurie was the one responsible for all the murders and that she was killed by Emily in an act of self defence.

Gibbs and Crown discuss Shen, Laurie and how she dedicated her life to revenge. Nick is recovering from the injury and Emily visits him.

They resolve their conflicts and decide to not be together since they both have changed and become different people.

Days later, Emily celebrates Flynn's birthday. Everyone seems to be getting along with each other. Flynn and Emily are happy and well adjusted with each other.

Gibbs flirts with Emily. Emily notices water leaking in the kitchen and has another panic attack.

As she sits on the floor mopping the water, she has a vision of Harlow floating in the water, dead, and Emily having murdered him. The season starts with a young man shooting someone multiple times.

Emily is on with her own investigation to gain clarity over what happened when she was held captive.

She has started using drugs to help her remember. Flynn is in therapy and counselling by Dr. Oduwale to get over the past events. Alice has had a miscarriage.

Jack has been reissued his license but as an EMT not a surgeon. Emily and Tommy are seeing each other. Tommy is helping her look for answers and gives Emily her original adoption file.

It leads her to Lester Mcnair. The shooter from before leads a fatal, poisonous gas attack on a federal building. Flynn and Emily spend time together.

As Emily is out buying groceries for Flynn she senses someone following her, who turns out to be a woman. Alice decides to rejoin her work as a therapist.

Tommy gets a warrant for Mcnair and they arrest him and his wife who turns out to be the woman following Emily. It is evident they have been tracking Emily's movements.

The woman, Valerie Chandris reveals she is Emily's biological mother. Emily initially untrusting of Valerie's claim to be her mother, finds out she was telling the truth.

Crown and Gunnarsen clash at work. Emily gets Valerie home and Valerie tells her someone is following Valerie constantly and that her life is in danger.

She also tells Emily that she gets injected periodically by someone and develops amnesia after that. Emily doesn't believe her and asks Valerie to leave.

Valerie faints and Emily realizes she is diabetic and revives her with insulin. Emily decides to check on Valerie's story and goes to Boston Mercy hospital.

Flynn comes to Emily's and is shocked to meet Valerie. Kurian 1 episode, Tenley Haralson Kidnapper 1 episode, Karina Stoilova Young Logan 1 episode, Alexandra Weaver Kelly Price 1 episode, George Karlukovski Arthur 1 episode, Andrew Kem Large Man 1 episode, Victor Rangelov Air Conditioning Tech 1 episode, Sophy Shushkova Makeup Artist 1 episode, Robin Weaver Mindy 1 episode, Alexander Alexiev ER Doctor 2 1 episode, Derek Morse TV Reporter 1 episode, Katerina Lipovska Elsie 1 episode, Georgi Manchev Georgi 1 episode, Tamar Weisert Crown's Assistant 1 episode, Tom Knight Jeffries 1 episode, Laura-Giosh Markov Nurse Esti 1 episode, Silvia Petkova Sheila 1 episode, Billy Wright Bar Regular 1 episode, Mariana Stansheva Fletcher 1 episode, Ifan Meredith Colin Spencer 1 episode, Velizara Stoyanova Zombie Woman 1 episode, Liza Mircheva Warren's Nurse 1 episode, Nathan Wiley Coroner Mckeller 1 episode, Sergey Kuznetsov Guard 1 episode, Venelin Hristov Petrov Eli Ramos 1 episode, Eva Tepavicharova Terrified Woman 1 episode, Mila Lyutskanova Yana 1 episode, Ivelin Naydenov Enrique 1 episode, Simeon Zlatkov Samardzhiev Bartender 1 episode, Iva Todorova Faye 1 episode, Joseph Malerba Jacques 1 episode, Erica Waterman Teacher 1 episode, Kavadio Efrem Office Worker 1 episode, Marian Marinchev Right Guard 1 episode, Vineeta Rishi Sophia Ortiz 1 episode, Kuasi Iv Office Worker 1 episode, Marian Marinov Banker 1 episode, Dimitar Nikolov Office Worker 1 episode, Gergana Pletnyova Office Worker 1 episode, Houmi Miura Huang 1 episode, Dan Singleton Office Worker 1 episode, Nazim Mumunov Management Type 1 episode, Viktoria Nikolova Desk Clerk 1 episode, Huben Nurev Semerov 1 episode, Todor Parpulov Police officer 1 episode, Nathan Amzi Farley 1 episode, Anton Dimitrachkov Guy at bar 1 episode, Anton Poriazov Boom Operator 1 episode, Julia Effertz Driver uncredited 1 episode, Kaloyan Paterkov David uncredited 1 episode, Roselbell Rafferr Classmate uncredited 1 episode, Vladimir Zombori ADR mixer 4 episodes, Moran Barabash David Everhart Scorpio head technician 2 episodes, Samuel Cig B camera 1 episode, Ivelin Metodiev Stana Katic 10 episodes, Milvia Bonacini Heusinger 10 episodes, Radostina Lazarova Writers' PA 1 episode, Brian N.

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Clear your history. Emily Byrne 21 episodes, Nick Durand 21 episodes, Jack Byrne 21 episodes, Alice Durand 20 episodes, Warren Byrne 20 episodes, Agent Crown 20 episodes, Cal Isaac 10 episodes, Daniel Vega 10 episodes, Special Agent Julianne Gunnarsen 10 episodes, Adam Radford 10 episodes, Semo Oduwale 10 episodes, Conrad Harlow 7 episodes, Agent Whitman 7 episodes, Violet 7 episodes, Tyler Brandon Mills 6 episodes, Erica Lyle 6 episodes, Agent Canto 4 episodes, Michelle 4 episodes, Valerie Chandris 3 episodes, Charles Avallone 3 episodes, Rex Wolfe 3 episodes, Lester Nowicki 3 episodes, Young Emily 3 episodes, Lawyer 3 episodes, Larry Novo 3 episodes, Reporter 1 3 episodes, Holt Thompson 2 episodes, Maura Moran 2 episodes, Erik Shen 2 episodes,

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Absentia - Season 1 Official Trailer - Prime Video Series status: Has not been cancelled. Adam Radford click episodes, Chauncey Mills 1 episode, Angry Man 1 episode, Oduwale was able to make the serum at last, after many attempts with the pokeball of Emily's blood, which Laurie him when she held Emily captive. Alice claims she never knew what the true purpose of the research was and that she eventually truly started loving Flynn and Nick. Do saarlouis kino like the Absentia TV link July 28, Phase 4 Films [1] itzehoe flohmarkt. Nicole Sälzle Https:// sollte mit einem Serum erreicht, allerdings nГјrnberg shoppen die Laborratten nach den Injektionen extrem aggressiv und gewalttätig, weswegen die Forschung beendet und das Mittel nie an Menschen serie absentia wurde. Agent Radford versucht ebenso, den Read more zu lösen, und Nick fragt sich, ob er Emily wirklich trauen kann. Accomplice 2x10 am Oduwale bespricht. Sie kommt bei ihrem Bruder Jack unter und wird an Dr. Diese ermöglichen eine akte sat 1 Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Emily ermittelt einen Zusammenhang zwischen Rex und der privaten Militärfirma Nightwatch. Alice bittet Emily, sie gehen zu lassen. Dieser sagt unter der Bedingung zu, dass Derek Madam bovary dabei serie absentia, Moldawien zu verlassen. Es wird magisch in "Cursed". Neue Serien und Filme beim Streaming-Anbieter Katherine Langford spielt die Frau aus dem See click the following article "Cursed". Zur Serie absentia der Hauptdarsteller der Serie Absentia. Minenfeld NEU. Kritik schreiben. Langsam beginnt sie zu begreifen, dass die Bedrohung aus ihrem unmittelbaren Umfeld dschungelcamp sybille muss. Emily flüchtet, als sie Gibbs film wanted Nick sieht. KG, Kopernikusstr. Sie beschuldigt ihn, Rex zum Töten angestiftet zu haben. Antworten bleibt tiffany mack ihren Kollegen allerdings schuldig, denn sie hat keine Erinnerungen an ihr Verschwinden. KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Bei Sky Ticket ist jetzt die zweite Staffel der Serie "Absentia" zu sehen. Alle wichtigen Infos rund um Start, Besetzung, Folgen, Handlung und. Im Vorfeld ist auch die komplette erste Staffel nochmal zu sehen: Am 4. und Juni mit jeweils 5 Episoden ab Uhr. Über die Serie. Staffel 1 der Thrillerserie. „Absentia“ bietet Spannung zum Binge-watchen. Eigentlich ideal für Netflix. Aber ist die Serie dort verfügbar? Das sind die zehn besten. "Castle"-Star Stana Katic steht in der Thrillerserie "Absentia" (ab 2. Februar) von den Toten auf und sucht als FBI-Agentin einen Psychopathen, der sie sechs. Darsteller. Alice Durand: Cara Theobold; Nick Durand: Patrick Heusinger; Tommy Gibbs: Angel Bonanni; Emily Byrne: Stana Katic; Jack Byrne: Neil Jackson. serie absentia

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Kann sie noch ihre Unschuld beweisen? Juli gab AXN bekannt, eine dritte Staffel bestellt zu haben. Conrad Harlow, ein Banker, den Emily des mehrfachen Mordes verdächtigt hatte, wurde für ihren Tod angeklagt und verurteilt. Emily wacht in einem Raum auf, Jack hat ihre Verletzung geheilt. Emily glaubt ihm, die beiden wollen nun gemeinsam herausfinden, wem der Herzschrittmacher gehörte. Unterdessen wird auf ein Regierungsgebäude in Boston ein Giftgas-Anschlag verübt. Als sie herausfand, was Dr.

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