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Blue Panther Books – alle Bücher, CDs und MP3-CDs. Ihre Suche ergab Treffer. Sortieren nach: Bitte auswählen, Interpret A-Z, Interpret Z-A, Titel A-Z, Titel​. Serie "blue panther books Erotische Erotik Sex Hörbücher Hörbuch". Erschienen Hörbuch-Download (MP3). Sofort per Download lieferbar. Serie "blue panther books Erotische Hörbücher Erotik Sex Hörbuch". Erschienen Hörbuch-Download (MP3). Sofort per Download lieferbar. blue panther

On the June 26 round his father Blue Panther was the special guest of the week, stating that he would not evaluate his son he instead gave him a "0".

On the night Blue Panther Jr. With his absence Blue Panther Jr. He was the seventg man to leave the cage, keeping his mask safe in the process.

The match was won by Blue Panther Jr. In January , Blue Panther Jr. Black Panther is the oldest son of professional wrestler Genaro Vazquez Nevarez, better known under the ring name Blue Panther and brother of masked wrestler The Panther.

His full given name is not a matter of public record in accordance with Lucha Libre traditions where the true identities of masked wrestlers are kept private whenever possible.

Both of Nevarez' sons were featured in interviews around their father well before they became professional wrestlers, but their names were never explicitly stated and they always wore the same Blue Panther mask that their father used to conceal their identifies and that of the then masked Nevarez.

During interviews they were referred to as "Blue Panther Jr. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Archived from the original on September 23, Links to related articles. Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre roster. Star Jr.

Starman Stigma Stuka Jr. Valiente Vangelis Virus Volador Jr. Niebla Esfinge and Volador Jr. Canek and Dr. Atlantis and Lizmark Dr.

Blue Panther , Dr. Leyenda de Azul tournament winnners. LLA Azteca Champions. Shocker Mr. Mexican National Middleweight Champions.

Niebla has had him playing the "tricky veteran bastard role" really well. Niebla who tried to attack him in a quick, masterfully executed Fujiwara armbar that made everybody think he'd snapped Niebla's arm.

His most famous role is that of the "veteran rudo master" who is a better technician than the tecnicos themselves, and he has played that one perfectly during all of his career.

He played that role even when he wasn't that much of a "veteran" in his early 30s. He also made the perfect switch to tecnico and showed tons of charisma, which was natural because he always was a "cool rudo" that people like to cheer like Fuerza Guerrera and currently Dr.

What titles and tournaments did he win? What was the importance of the reigns? Panther has got a pretty nice collection of titles, including singles and trios, but none are truly relevant to make them an argument for him to be a HOF'er.

All in all, Panther's most important reigns were the two times he held the National Middleweight Title in AAA because of the great title defenses he had, but he had little impact as a champion.

People would have problably showed up even if Panther had had a phony title, simply because they'd get to see his trademark "Panther title match" which means a hell of a technical match.

Awards matter so much in Mexico that nobody keeps track of them. I can't recall him winning a WON year end award either.

Did he get mainstream exposure due to his wrestling fame? Did he get a heavily featured by the wrestling media? He got some mainstream exposure in the early days of AAA , because Pe?

He's always been featured by the media, but not as a cover superstar kind of guy like Aguayo , Vampiro , Santo or Octagon.

He was a top trios wrestler. Teams with the Guerreras, Guerrera and Psicosis , Guerrera and Casas , Wagner and Black Warrior , Guerrera and Signo have had runs as regular partners where they'd have really great matches on a regular basis.

He's never really been a tag team wrestler except for his early fame days in the mid 80s, but he didn't have a regular partner then, either.

Nudo Lagunero is his creation, but it's not stolen often. He's one of the last great old school rudos left, with an style as close as Tarzan Lopez the pioneer technical master as you will get in Mexico.

His work is definitely influential in the way that tons of young wrestlers start wrestling wanting to be as good on the mat as him, but that's about it.

That's probably more inspiring than influential. That's his strongest point, making everybody around him look better.

Some months ago, Dave Meltzer said I'm paraphrasing that he's so good that he makes everybody look so awesome that the average lucha fan doesn't notice him as much, and this business it's all about being noticed.

He could carry loads to decent matches and spotty flashy tecnicos to great matches. You can definitely see how people like Mr.

Niebla improved so much by working often with Panther. Did he do what was best for the promotion? Did he show a commitment to wrestling?

He's always done what he's best for the promotion. The only time he did the best for Panther and not for the promotion was when he left AAA in because he didn't want to put over Mascara Sagrada Jr.

He's prided himself for years in his reputation to have excellent singles matches and it's pretty much his trademark, so he didn't want to ruin his reputation.

I don't see what's so bad with that, though. As for showing a commitment to wrestling, yes he showed a commitment. He's lazy when everybody else in the match is lazy and he's not expected to save the day, but otherwise, he works for six if needed.

He's a total pro and I haven't heard anybody ever complaining about him. Is there any reason to believe that he was better or worse than he appeared?

Repeat the Meltzer quote here. Nowadays the average fan sees him as a guy that is "a good wrestler", and is not pushed much on TV.

There was a very good Felino vs. All of the matches above are widely available. The Mariachi and first Santo matches probably are the best ones.

That does not mean you should not rush to find the rest Jump to: navigation , search. Personal tools Create account Log in.

Navigation Main Page Contents Help. Blue Panther. Birth date, location. Villano V - September 19 , - Arena Mexico.

Arena Mexico. Ultimo Dragon vs. National Middleweight champ Blue Panther vs. El Angel Azteca. Super Astro. Blue Panther vs. Love Machine mask vs.

Not outstanding but must see for the double turn. National Middlewight champ Blue Panther vs. El Mariachi.

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