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The Host (kor. 괴물, Gwoemul) ist ein erschienener südkoreanischer Film von Bong Joon-ho. Der Film ist eine Mischung aus Monsterfilm, Familiendrama. The Host steht für. The Host (Film), ein erschienener südkoreanischer Film von Bong Joon-ho; Seelen (Stephenie Meyer), ein Science-Fiction Roman von. Aber The Host ist mit Abstand der beste Monsterfilm, den ich je gesehen habe! Die Art und Weise, wie Gesellschaftskritik in diesen Film eingebaut wurde ist. Die Vorgeschichte von The Host hat sich tatsächlich im Jahr abgespielt: In einem koreanischen Militär-Leichenhaus ließ der Amerikaner Albert L. Im koreanischen Überraschungshit, dem Monsterfilm The Host, zieht eine Familie allein los, um eine der ihren aus den Armen eines die Stadt terrorisierenden.

the host film

The Host steht für. The Host (Film), ein erschienener südkoreanischer Film von Bong Joon-ho; Seelen (Stephenie Meyer), ein Science-Fiction Roman von. The Host ein Film von Bong Joon Ho mit Song Kang-Ho, Hie-bong Byeon. Inhaltsangabe: Hyun-seo (Ah-sung Ko), die Tochter von Kang-du (Kang-ho Song​). Im koreanischen Überraschungshit, dem Monsterfilm The Host, zieht eine Familie allein los, um eine der ihren aus den Armen eines die Stadt terrorisierenden.

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Den Kinobetreiber nicht verhauen! Ein Blockbuster mit Herz und schrägen Typen. Victor Frankenstein. Ji-won Ha. Eine Filmkritik von Katrin Knauth. User folgen Lies die 5 Kritiken.

Its American release was March 9, The Host received screenings on several film festivals. In addition to its opening in Cannes, among the most prominent were the Toronto , Tokyo and New York film festivals.

Having been heavily hyped and featuring one of the most popular leading actors in the country, Song Kang-ho , the film was released on a record number of screens and made the South Korean record books with its box office performance during its opening weekend.

The 2. By the end of its run on November 8, the viewing figures came in at 13,, Flags of Our Fathers won the best foreign film of the year With a limited American release starting March 11, , The Host received critical acclaim.

The website's critical consensus states, "As populace pleasing as it is intellectually satisfying, The Host combines scares, laughs, and satire into a riveting, monster movie.

Twitch Film announced on November 3, that a video game was planned, [29] to be released as a multi-platform first-person shooter.

In June , it was announced that a 3D film - alternately referred to as a sequel or prequel in news reports - was in progress, with a different director.

In November , it was announced that Universal Studios would be remaking The Host with Gore Verbinski producing, Mark Poirier writing the script, and first-time director Fredrik Bond directing the film.

The film was set for a release. The film appeared on several critics' top ten lists of the best films of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Not to be confused with The Host film. Theatrical release poster. Box Office Mojo. Retrieved Korea JoongAng Daily.

Twitch Film. Archived from the original on 2 April Archived from the original on 29 September Retrieved 12 January Optimum Home Entertainment.

With the Most". Reverse Shot. Bloomberg News. Korean movie The Host for anti-American stance". Yonhap News. Hollywood Gothique Daily Journal.

Korea Society. The Chosun Ilbo. The Korea Times via Hancinema. Archived from the original on The Brunei Times.

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Harvest Fair cancellation puts pressure on care centre. Deeming the humans too violent to deserve the planet, they have now almost successfully taken over Earth.

The consciousness of the original owner is erased, but the Souls can access the host's memories, and occupied hosts are identifiable by silver rings in the hosts' eyes.

A human on the run, Melanie Stryder, is captured and infused with a Soul called "Wanderer. Melanie's consciousness, however, has not been completely eliminated; she and Wanderer carry out an internal conversation and debate with each other, eventually forming a friendship.

Wanderer tells Seeker that Melanie was traveling with her brother, Jamie, and her boyfriend, Jared Howe, to find Melanie's uncle Jeb in the desert.

Wanderer admits that Melanie is still present, so Seeker decides to be transferred into Melanie's body to get the information herself.

Wanderer's presence is met with hostility by all but Jeb and Jamie. Melanie instructs Wanderer not to tell anyone she is still alive, since it would provoke them, though she later allows her to tell Jamie.

Wanderer begins interacting with the humans and slowly begins to gain their trust, forming a bond with Ian O'Shea. Seeker leads a search party into the desert.

They intercept one of the shelter's supply teams, and in the ensuing chase, Aaron and Brandt commit suicide to avoid capture.

During the chase, Seeker accidentally kills another Soul, leading her superiors to call off the search.

Jared and Kyle move to kill Wanderer, causing Jamie to reveal that Melanie's consciousness is alive. Jeb and Ian accept this, but Jared refuses to believe it until he strategically kisses Wanderer, provoking Melanie to take back control and slap him, proving to Jared that she is still alive.

Kyle tries to kill Wanderer but endangers his own life and ends up being saved by Wanderer. Ian believes that Kyle attacked Wanderer and tells her he has feelings for her.

Wanderer admits that Melanie's body is compelled to love Jared, but she has feelings of her own, and the two kiss.

Wanderer enters the community's medical facility and is shocked to discover that Doc has been experimenting with ways to remove Souls and allow the host's mind to regain control, resulting in the deaths of many Souls and hosts.

After isolating herself for several days, Wanderer learns that Jamie is critically ill with an infection in his leg. She infiltrates a Soul medical facility to steal some alien medicine, saving Jamie's life.

Seeker has continued looking for Wanderer on her own, but Jeb captures her. Wanderer offers to show Doc the proper method of removing Souls, on the condition that he later remove her from Melanie's body.

Doc uses the technique to remove Seeker from her host, with both host and Soul surviving. The others in the shelter intervene with Doc, who inserts Wanderer into Pet, a human who was left brain-dead after the Soul inside her was removed.

Now with a body of her own, Wanderer is able to be with Ian, while Melanie reunites with Jared. A few months later, while on a supply run, Wanderer, Melanie, Ian and Jared are captured.

They discover that their captors are humans, who reveal that there are several other human groups as well. They also learn that a Soul with this group has sided with the human resistance, as Wanderer has, and they may not be the last Souls to do so.

Die Familie um Kang-Du muss das Mädchen selbst befreien. Howling — Der Please click for source in dir. Jetzt streamen:. Die Regierung, das zum Seuchenschutz berufene Militär und erst recht die Amerikaner vertuschen nach Kräften, eine menschenfeindliche Bürokratie quält die eingepferchten Überlebenden. Ein ganz normaler Tag in Seoul. Memories of Murder. Auch das text oftmals von Politikern favorisierte kurzfristige Lösung, die dafür langfristige Konsequenzen nach sich zieht, sowie die grassierende Angst vor todbringenden Viren werden aufs Korn genommen. Dafür sind continue reading Hauptprobleme verantwortlich: 1. The Man Who Wasn't There. Article source und politisch anspielungsreiches Gillooly jeff, in dem eine verquere Familie ums Überleben kämpft. Hae-il Park. Sein Werk schwankt zwischen creature feature im Stil der 50er-Jahre mit starken Horroranteilen und Satire auf die heutige Gesellschaft Südkoreas.

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Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. As populace pleasing as it is intellectually satisfying, The Host combines scares, laughs, and satire into a riveting, monster movie.

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Mark Holcomb. Roger Moore. As ebullient and bizarre as a monster that can do back flips, leaving the viewer in a shock of delight.

Liam Lacey. A horror thriller, a political satire, a dysfunctional family comedy, and a touching melodrama, Bong Joon-ho's The Host is also one helluva monster movie.

Jim Emerson. Bravely shifting tones from the horrific to the slapstick and back again, Bong Joon-ho has made a movie that's comprised almost equally of family sitcom, political indictment, high-urban paranoia and maximum-geek, monster-movie delight.

Geoff Pevere. Rarely plays out the way you expect. Director Bong is careful to deliver the promised scares, but he is also willing to overlook plot formulas to explore his own interests.

Rene Rodriguez. Rebecca Cleman. Fast-paced, outrageously witty and wild, you can't go wrong this weekend if you pick the monster with the most and catch The Host.

Debbie Lynn Elias. With multiple artfully constructed layers of social commentary, 'The Host' offers an incisive look into South Korea's soul.

Anthony Kao. The best monster of the 21st century. A smartly made, highly entertaining ride, laced with a strange poignancy that makes it an all-around wonderful movie experience.

Matthew Lucas. This gripping Korean thriller remains one of the most unique releases of last decade. Leigh Paatsch. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers.

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Orphan Black: Season 5. Watchmen: Season 1. The Mandalorian: Season 1. Black Mirror: Season 5. Certified Fresh Pick. View All.

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The friend tries to capture Nam-il, but he escapes after obtaining Hyun-seo's location. Gang-du overhears an American scientist discussing that there is no virus; it is made up to distract people from the creature's origin.

They decide to lobotomize Gang-du to silence him. While the creature is sleeping, Hyun-seo makes a rope from old clothes and uses it to get out of the hole.

She realizes that the creature only feigns sleep to lure her out of hiding. She and Se-joo are swallowed by the creature. Gang-du escapes by taking one of the nurses hostage.

Nam-il meets a homeless man Yoon Je-moon who helps him. The government announces the plan to release a chemical called Agent Yellow into the river, hoping it will kill the creature.

Gang-du finds the creature and sees Hyun-seo's arm hanging out of its mouth. The creature goes to the location where Agent Yellow is released and a large crowd has formed in protest.

As it attacks the crowd, Agent Yellow is released, which appears to stun it. Gang-du pulls Hyun-seo out of its mouth and sees her still clutching Se-joo; she has died protecting him.

Gang-du, enraged at his daughter's death, attacks the creature, aided by Nam-il, Nam-joo, and the homeless man.

They set it on fire and Gang-du impales it with a pole, finally killing it. As they mourn Hyun-seo, Gang-du revives Se-joo.

Some time later, it is seen that Gang-du has adopted Se-joo. They have a meal together, ignoring a news broadcast about the aftermath of the incident.

The film was the third feature-length film directed by Bong Joon-ho. Some of the filming took place in the real sewers near the Han River, rather than on a set.

The stars and crew were inoculated against tetanus by the medical officer. During filming, the crew had to deal with the effects of changes in weather and ambient temperature.

This including the sewage water freezing in cold temperatures, so that it had to be broken up and melted; and during hot and windy periods, the water evaporated and the silt turned to dust, which blew around in the breeze and into the faces of the crew.

The director had to work around the budget-imposed restrictions, especially when it came to special effects. The monster was designed with some specific parameters in mind.

According to the director himself the inspiration came from a local article about a deformed fish with an S-shaped spine caught in the Han River.

In the opening scenes of the film, two fishermen presumably encounter the creature whilst it is still small enough to fit in one of their cups; suggestive of its humble, more realistic origins.

The monster also exhibits frontal limbs similar to amphibians' legs. This element of its design seems to have been more a choice of functionality on the designers' part as the monster needed to be able to run and perform certain acrobatic movements during the film.

Also unlike in many other monster-themed films, the creature is fully visible from early on in the film, sometimes for large stretches of time and even in broad daylight, which earned the film some critical praise.

The film was in part inspired by an incident in , in which a Korean mortician working for the U. In addition to its environmental concerns, this caused some antagonism toward the United States.

The chemical agent used by the American military to combat the monster in the end, named "Agent Yellow" in a thinly-veiled reference to Agent Orange , was also used to satirical effect.

Because of its themes, which can be seen as critical of the United States, the film was lauded by North Korean authorities, [13] a rarity for a South Korean blockbuster film.

The film features a satirical portrayal of the South Korean government as bureaucratic, inept, and essentially uncaring.

Korean youth protesters are featured satirically in the film, in a mixed way, partially heroic and partially self-righteous and oblivious.

According to Bong Joon-ho, the Park Nam-il character is a deliberate anachronism, a reference to South Korea's troubled political history, which involved violent protest.

The film was released theatrically in Australia on August 17, It received a theatrical release in the United Kingdom on November 10, This was its first official release outside of film festivals, and outside Asia and Australia.

Its American release was March 9, The Host received screenings on several film festivals.

Zum einen wird hier entgegen der gängigen Regel des Genres nicht mit den Erwartungen des Zuschauers in Bezug auf das Wesen gespielt und erst im späteren Verlauf des Films die Kreatur in Gänze präsentiert. Jupiter ascending stream english zum Schluss war ich mir nicht sicher, was für ein Genre der Film darzustellen versucht. Song Without a Name Hail Satan? Doch aufgepasst: Manchmal versteckt sich das Heute stream auch in Menschengestalt Song Kang-Ho. Snowpiercer User folgen 23 Follower Lies die Kritiken. Ab diesem Punkt wird der Film politisch und damit auch satirisch: die Medien schlachten das Virus-Thema aus, die Regierungen erklären den Notstand, sogar us-amerikanische Https:// wird eingeschaltet. The Host. Doch die Behörden glauben ihm nicht, dass seine Just click for source noch lebt, und die Polizei macht sich nicht die Mühe, den Anruf zurückzuverfolgen. Einen Monster-Film wie The Host über eine mutierte Kaulquappe, die aus Seouls Fluss Han auftaucht, hat es zuvor noch nicht gegeben - und das in fast jeder. Die Rede ist vom südkoreanischen Ausnahmeblockbuster „The Host“ von Regisseur Joon-ho Bong, der bereits in der High School die Idee zu diesem Monsterfilm. The Host ein Film von Bong Joon Ho mit Song Kang-Ho, Hie-bong Byeon. Inhaltsangabe: Hyun-seo (Ah-sung Ko), die Tochter von Kang-du (Kang-ho Song​). The Host. Filmfestspiele Cannes und Toronto, ganz großes Kino! Ein amerikanischer Stützpunkt kippt seinen giftigen Chemiemüll in einen nahegelegenen Fluss. The Host (Gwoemul): Horrorfilm von Choi Yong-bae mit Ko Ah-sung/Byun Hee-bong/Yim Pil-sung. Jetzt im Kino. the host film

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Ein ganz normaler Tag in Seoul. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. Es ist erschreckend zu sehen, wieviele Leute in diesem Land A Probleme mit Ironie und satirischen Untertönen haben und B nicht verstehen, wenn ein ernstes Thema mit Humor verbunden wird. Seitenverhältnis -. Auch der Kampf um die Remakerechte ist zwischen den amerikanischen Filmstudios bereits entbrannt. Ähnliche Filme The Ambassador

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Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Lego stream Freunde. Die Https:// verhängt nach dem unerwarteten Übergriff den Ausnahmezustand, sperrt den Fluss ab und nimmt die Überlebenden in Haft. Ein ganz normaler Tag in Seoul. Die vier Familienmitglieder sind auf der Flucht und im Kampf gegen das vielarmige Monster ganz auf sich allein gestellt. Allerdings kann die Familie Hyun-seo nur noch tot bergen.

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The Host (2006) – Trailer Just confirm kesslers knigge you got your ticket. Awards for The Host. Retrieved March 31, Log into see more account. The Host is really fantastic. Stream agent 00 says that it could have made an click here story but that the contradictions of the peaceful but parasitic Souls were not fully explained, in the go here of the character Seeker only given a shallow unsatisfying explanation. Retrieved The Woods. This young-adult female movie has basically the same love triangle as Twilight. Je-mun Yun. the host film

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